2018 Ford Escape Release Date

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2018 Ford Escape Release Date – Sub-compact Ford Escape offers entertainment, comfort and more for families and other consumers alike for years and over the years we have seen many changes. Do you consider the low crossover or SUV, is the only constant that remains, the high quality of the features that come packaged in. Search by 2018 Ford Escape, should start before the holiday season in 2017 in most markets, it’s time, everything we know, to express so far.

2018 Ford Escape Release Date

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2018 Escape would like to see the idea of ​​an entry-level Crossover / SUV, as we hear a higher quality in materials on the interior and exterior. For many years, is one of the biggest complaints of the concept, low quality Cut packages, especially on the inside, which now looks to be a thing of the past.

The preview in detail everything we know about the upcoming 2018 Ford Escape Specifications, features, price and release date for all models, including the S, SE and Titanium.

2018 Ford Escape Specs and Features – S, SE, and Titanium Model

The word on the new 2018 Ford Escape Specifications. And nature shows that we look at the higher end of, used in all package orders. The cheap plastic that we have seen in the previous model year, will be replaced by more sophisticated material. Other upgrades is important when comparing the new with the 2017 Escape models lower center console, dashboard button configuration better and more legroom for rear seat passengers.

2018 Ford Escape Release Date

CC Image courtesy of SAUD AL-OLAYAN on Flickr

Some standards of the most remarkable and optional features are expected sophisticated touchscreen navigation with high-definition, backup camera, panoramic sunroof, automatic parking system technology, speakerphone, premium seats, HD Radio, Satellite Radio SiriusXM, Sync 3 Multimedia Systems, FWD, AWD , Sony audio system and more. Many safety features are also available, including parking assist sensors, lane change assist, avoid accidents and side-impact airbags.

2018 Ford Escape Titanium is a premium model with high-end features you would not expect in the sub-compact crossover / SUV. previous models have been much higher in price when compared to escape the sub-compact car other, that enhance the features come into play.

2018 specification Ford Escape engine cover more than one choice, because we have a 175-hp 1.6-liter, 2.0-liter 231-hp and a 2.5 liter 170-hp with a standard 6-speed automatic transmission with Auto selected. Gas mileage is. Now roughly 24mpg / city and up to 33mpg / highway.

2018 Ford Escape Release Date and Price  – S, SE, and Titanium Model

Rates start of the 2018 Escape will be unfortunately be higher than other similar sub-compact Crossover / SUV, which we have seen in the previous model year. We expect to see a lower price than the 2018 models, but the rumors suggest otherwise. Below we have the latest price of S, SE and Titanium models.

2018 Ford Escape S PriceStarting at $23,400
2018 Ford Escape SE PriceStarting at $23,900
2018 Ford Escape Titanium PriceStarting at $29,900

We expect a release date 2018 Ford Escape is officially in the summer of 2017 at an opening ceremony in which we must look at all new Ford cars and trucks. We heard that not much will change with the introduction of the new Escape, as consumers should be here in the US availability starting in the fall of 2017 view. Other markets around the world including Asia and Europe will not see that revenue until after the initial one year, which is consistent with the previous model.

2018 Ford Escape Release Date

CC Image courtesy of SAUD AL-OLAYAN on Flickr

Escape with more on the specifications, features, pricing and release date in 2018 to come as we continue with new rumors and confirmations update this review as soon as we get more.

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