New BMW 5 Series 2018

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New BMW 5 Series 2018  – The BMW 3 Series has always been the benchmark for compact cars and beginners. However, the loss so this item to a newer and better Jaguar XE while, and it seems that BMW wants to go back. The new model is rumored for some time and recently the German car manufacturer said that the future of the 2018 BMW 3 Series will be the all-new model, which all expect. The new car will be based on the platform of their Clar, the same underlying the new 7-series. This is a similar move by the VAG group, and should allow you to reduce costs considerably BMW.

New BMW 5 Series 2018

CC Image courtesy of SAUD AL-OLAYAN on Flickr

New BMW 5 Series 2018 Change

That does not mean that the car will be worse; Instead, we expect improvements in all segments. This new platform uses stronger than aluminum, high-strength steel and in an industry first, at least for a car such as this, carbon fiber. All of these will combine to create one of the most severe in the production of chassis, while remaining lightweight. It should also allow the 3 Series once again the sporty sedan everyone wants.

2018 BMW 5 series Redesign

Like most other BMW lineup, the new 2018 BMW 3 Series is expected to be very similar to the current generation, at least in terms of design. The situation is similar with other cars from Germany, which only offer small optical upgrade and the great similarity between cars on the Formation respectively. Even small changes in appearance between vehicles in the line-up to quickly identify the model of the people, while the same design language for various models allow BMW to maintain brand recognition at an all time high. But it also means that producers dare to have an edge over them.

The new 3 Series will make a difference here. It will likely be very similar to the current generation with a few tips from the seven final series. The final result should be more updated than anything else that should be enough, given the BMW does not want to change his style.

Unfortunately,, we’re pretty sure that the same thing will happen to the car’s interior. Instead of better and more comfortable, we hope to stay pretty much the same as before. A new dashboard, in memory, but not something that should dramatically safely. Thanks to the new platform that allows the seat to be installed in the chassis, the driving position is better.

New BMW 5 Series 2018

CC Image courtesy of SAUD AL-OLAYAN on Flickr

2018 BMW 3 Series Drivetrain

As we said above, the most important aspect of the 2018 BMW 3 Series will be how it drives. Even the base model is now expected that the active suspension is obtained, which will not be cheap. However, BMW was hit on the car balance always have it. In addition, the new engine will be added to the mix. Ordinary 2.0-and 3.0-liter units remain unchanged.

However, an electric version of the car gets a completely new. It is expected to borrow technology from the “I” series, and it should provide more than 100 miles of range. A hybrid with a little more power is also on the list. M3, the car most of us expect and want, will also attend. Not much has been said, but apparently returned to his roots could happen with the four-cylinder engine smaller. The car was turbocharged 2.3-liter inline high pitched received four engines, which coupled with a set of electric motors, hybrid cars first M. If BMW opted for a bold approach, we really want the first line to test it.

New BMW 5 Series 2018 Spy Photos

CC Image courtesy of SAUD AL-OLAYAN on Flickr

2018 BMW 5 Series Release Date

Still no word on a release date, but considering the car disguised start shedding excess material, it means that we are close. Tests are ongoing, and it is clear that it will be introduced soon. Many proposed for fall release a production model coming early 2017. Prices will likely remain the same as before with a base of about $ 35,000, while the top end of M3 is about $ 55,000 to get away. In addition, if you decide to add more optional equipment, it will easily go over $ 60,000.

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